We welcome anyone, any standard, any age, locals or visitors passing-by at our clubs. Whether you are a complete beginner, hasn't touched a racquet for 20 years, or a serious or top level player, we are here for you. If you want fun, lots of friends and wanna sweat, you are at the right place! You will feel you are part of our club and our club is part of you. Our members are all very friendly and only too pleased to make another friend anytime! There is no need to book - simply show up 5-10 minutes early if you are new (but make sure we are open by checking the schedule on our frontpage!)

Our club is a all-in-one and one-in-all club. We have everything you need for badminton - social play, comps, coaching, outings, rackets, shuttles, bags, clothes, shoes, stringing and repair service.

Badminton is fun. Dragon Club brings you fun. So come and enjoy the sport with us!

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