The Coaching Program

Classes are available at all Dragon Clubs. Anyone, any standard, adults or juniors are all welcome to join in, whether to improve your techniques, personal fitness, or just to improve your game tactics.

We have 8 in house coaches, with numerous years of experience and some even have National & International status. A comprehensive training program is offered under the directions of the Australia Badminton Academy.

Whether you are an experienced player wanting to improve of your hitting techniques & footwork, or if you are a complete beginner, we have the appropriate class for you.

Our two main Coaching categories are:


Until further notice, the Junior Coaching Program is no longer available.

Junior Coaching Program | Age 8 - 18 (From January 2015)

New Juniors planning to enter into the coaching program need to have confirmed attendance with our Head Coach, please contact to confirm attendance.


Beginners to badminton will be trained to cover basic fundamentals of badminton including techniques and footwork.

Advance badminton players will focus on skill refinement to push them into the next level. They will cover advance tactics and technique refinement.


South Brisbane:

Sunday 8am - 10am Mansfield State High School, Broadwater Road


Juniors can:

  • Train casually (training + social) at $12 a session

Training Program:

An extensive program is conducted by qualified coaches of our club. Such program is constantly reviewed and modified in accordance to the progression of the squad. Other than badminton training, the following tests are also built in to the training program:

  • Beep Test – physical endurance test conducted regularly
  • Skills Test – a series of racket skills test conducted regularly
  • Video analysis – player is filmed whilst performing a series of shots and games play


Adults Coaching Individual Lessons or Courses

Classes are available Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays for individuals or small (self organised) group coaching.

We have numerous coaches available to take 1-4 students at a session. These coaches operate on their own schedules and set their own fees. Most coaches are elite badminton players which have achieved a high level of skill and some have represented state and national level of play.

If you would like to learn more about individual coaching or adult coaching please contact for coach contact details, their locations as well as their fees.



Interested parties should apply direct to the Head Coach at any Dragon Clubs, by email (

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